Big Guests — Big Show

The stakes are high in Tuesday night's vice presidential debate (search): For those who felt President Bush stumbled last week, the pressure is on Dick Cheney to shoot the arrows at John Kerry that Bush didn't manage to. For those concerned that John Edwards is too inexperienced to be VP, he has to show gravitas. Cheney has to answer questions about Halliburton; Edwards has to answer questions about contributions from trial lawyers.

There's so much ground to cover tonight, that Wednesday on "DaySide" we'll do a no-bones scorecard on who wins and who loses the Veep Debate. E-mail me with the points you think were scored and by whom. For reaction, we'll have Liz Cheney as our special guest; as you know, she works on Middle East issues for the Bush administration. To be fair and balanced, I've asked the Kerry campaign to provide us a guest of similar stature — but I haven't heard back from them yet.

Also, Ann Coulter has a few choice words to share: She's just written a new book, called "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)" — expect some fireworks from Ann!

Finally, the Iraqi nuclear scientist who was supposed to appear on Monday's "DaySide" and reveal what he knows about Saddam's WMD (search) programs, has been rescheduled to appear tomorrow. Dr. Mahdi Obeidi contends that in 2003 as we stood on the brink of war, Saddam had no nuclear program left. (I want to know why he didn't tell U.N. weapons inspectors that when he had the chance.) However, Dr. Obeidi also says that Saddam intended to restart his nuclear weapons program as soon as U.N. sanctions were lifted. (So in his mind, was the United States right to remove Saddam from power?)

If you have any questions/comments for Dr. Obeidi, e-mail them to me. The address, as always, is:


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