Israel Launches Missile Strike in Gaza

An Israeli aircraft fired two missiles Sunday at a group of Palestinians who launched a homemade rocket at Israel, killing two militants, Palestinian hospital sources and witnesses said.

The first missile hit two men on an empty cart, and the second hit a nearby group, witnesses said. The Israeli missile hit just after the militants fired off a rocket, Palestinian sources said.

The Israeli army said it targeted two militants who fired a rocket at Israel. It fired the second missile at a nearby cart filled with homemade rockets (search), the army said.

The slain men were from the Popular Resistance Committees (search), an umbrella group of Palestinian militant groups, according to militant leaders. The dead were identified as brothers Fadi Zaannen, 19, and Bassam Zaannen, 21. Another man, Loui Hamad, 20, was in critical condition and had lost his legs, hospital officials said.