Veep Candidates to Debate Next

Next up: the vice presidential candidates.

Vice President Dick Cheney (search) and Sen. John Edwards (search) will meet Tuesday at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland for their only debate before the Nov. 2 election.

Neither has campaign events scheduled this weekend. Instead, both candidates will spend a few days preparing for the debate and relaxing, their campaigns said.

Cheney will head to his home in Jackson, Wyo., on Friday to spend the weekend fishing and sparing with Rep. Rob Portman (search), R-Ohio, who will play Edwards during mock debates. The vice president will arrive in Cleveland on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Edwards will spend the weekend at a 130-year-old arts and education retreat in Chautauqua, N.Y., where he will be coached by Washington lawyer Robert Barnett. Four years ago, Barnett played Cheney during debate preparations for vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman.

Edwards will leave the retreat, about 70 miles southwest of Buffalo, for Cleveland on Monday.