A Different Kerry, and Not So Swift

John Kerry learned the hard way not to do a lady wrong.

No, not that John Kerry.

The Citizen of Gloucestershire (search), England, reports that a man named John Allen Kerry met up in a pub with the girlfriend he'd dumped in order to talk things over.

Unfortunately for her, he didn't want to get back together.

Unfortunately for him, after he left, she called the cops and he got busted for drunk driving.

In court this month, Kerry's lawyer called it all "a rather frustrating tale of woe."

"He's usually very conscious not to drive after a drink," Leo Goatley told the magistrates in recounting the Aug. 11 incident. "She bought him two pints of beer. They didn't argue, but Mr. Kerry indicated he didn't wish to get back together with her."

Driving home through his hometown of Stroud (search), the 42-year-old Kerry was pulled over and given a Breathalyzer test, which he failed.

"Subsequently," Goatley told the court, "he learned from his ex-girlfriend that she had phoned the police."

Goatley's pleas that a driver's-license confiscation would deprive Kerry, a self-employed cleaner, of a means to make a living fell on deaf ears.

Thanks to a previous drunk-driving conviction, the English John Kerry had his license taken away for three years and was ordered to pay the equivalent of $640 in fines and court costs.

Vehicular Mistaken Identity

Haley Peel's boyfriend Steve had made sure everything would go smoothly.

Picking up Steve's white Hummer at Salt Lake City International Airport (search), the Sandy, Utah, woman found the vehicle easily and used the remote to unlock the doors.

Sliding into the driver's seat, Peel reached underneath to make sure the keys were there, as Steve had promised they would be.

They were. So was the $50 to get the car out of the long-term parking lot.

But as she started to drive away, the OnStar navigational and security system suddenly went on.

"Please pull over," it asked.

It turned out there was more than one white Hummer in the lot with keys and $50 under the seat.

Steve's car was parked a row away, the Salt Lake Tribune reported earlier this month.

It was picked up by a Park City, Utah, woman whose husband — also named Steve — had left his Hummer unlocked in the long-term parking lot.

That woman only noticed something wrong when she read the note left with the money — addressed to "Haley."

— Thanks to Out There reader Gordon L.

'Naked Photographer' Gets Slap on Bare Wrist

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An attorney was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for ambushing dozens of women while nude and taking pictures of their shocked expressions.

But Stephen Linnen, 34, won't lose his law license and will be allowed to leave jail to continue work as a law clerk.

He must start serving his time next week after being sentenced Monday under a plea bargain in Ohio's Franklin County Common Pleas Court. He pleaded guilty earlier this month to 53 misdemeanor counts of public indecency, sexual imposition and criminal trespassing.

Linnen, a former lawyer for the Ohio House Republican caucus, has admitted to photographing women in public while he was unclothed over nearly two years, gaining the name "the naked photographer." He apologized in court, but none of his victims was there.

Judge Tommy Thompson declined to label Linnen a sexual offender, saying he was not a threat to the community and was unlikely to repeat the offense.

Thompson ordered Linnen to keep seeking psychiatric treatment. Linnen said in court that he meets with a psychologist weekly and goes to daily meetings for people addicted to sex.

Prosecutors said they might appeal the judge's decision not to make Linnen register as a sexually oriented offender.

Police believe the "naked photographer" kept the pictures as souvenirs.

— Thanks to Out There reader Greg M.

Man Arrested for Videotaping Nudists In Public

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — An Arizona man has been accused of secretly videotaping nudists at the Hippie Hollow (search) park near Austin.

Dale Alan Whitenhafer, 38, of Gilbert, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly using a video camera that was hidden inside a collapsible ice chest, with holes to allow the taping.

Whitenhafer was arrested when somebody noticed him with the video camera. He is charged with improper visual recording to arouse or gratify and is free on a $7,500 bond.

The clothing-optional beach is located along Lake Travis and is the only public nude sunbathing park in Texas.

According to Jeff Albritton, Travis County park ranger supervisor, cameras are allowed at Hippie Hollow, but it is a crime to take pictures without permission and for sexual gratification.

The state felony could lead to up to two years in state jail or a fine of up to $10,000.

Stressed Teenage Girl Gets Away From It All

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A teenager who clandestinely traveled to Scotland on her parents' credit card needed to get away from the stress of school, home and extracurricular activities, her father said.

Jingwen "Wendy" Chen, 15, of Rolla, Mo., ran away from home two weekends ago and was gone for two days before her parents discovered she was missing.

She was supposed to go on a Rolla High School choir trip to Kansas City on Saturday, Sept. 18, but she told school leaders she wasn't feeling well.

When her parents, Genda and Sharon Chen, tried to pick her up the following night, they found out she hadn't gone to Kansas City.

Instead, using their credit card and racking up $3,000 in expenses, she took a Greyhound bus to St. Louis and a series of airline flights to London.

She flew from St. Louis to Detroit, on to Charleston, S.C., Washington and Philadelphia, before arriving in London, Genda Chen said.

Not knowing their daughter's whereabouts, the Chens contacted police and worried. Ultimately, they found her trail through charges on their credit card.

Early last Thursday, Wendy contacted her father through e-mail, saying she had needed a break, Genda Chen said.

British authorities traced her to a hotel in Inverness, Scotland, where she was found Thursday morning. Her mother went to Britain to bring her back.

Genda Chen said his daughter was motivated by stress from advanced academic classes and a heavy schedule of extracurricular activities.

At home, she and her parents had argued about the time she spends on the Internet playing games, Chen said.

"Maybe she felt it was too much for her," he said. "She needed to be away for a while. It was not her trying to get away forever."

Arkansas Cops Get to Play Cowboy

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — North Little Rock police and animal control officers spent part of Monday afternoon holding a roundup in woods bordering Interstate 40 after four cows escaped from a cattle truck.

Police spokesman Sgt. Terry Kuykendall said it was unclear how the cattle got loose as they were being driven westbound between the Levy and Burns Park exits.

"The driver said he looked in his rear-view mirror and saw one of his cows sliding across the interstate," Kuykendall said.

By the time the driver could stop, Kuykendall said, three more cattle had jumped from the trailer and ran into the woods.

It was unclear whether any of the cattle were seriously injured. There was no accident, but traffic slowed while officers searched for the cows, three of which were quickly found and tranquilized.

Kuykendall said as of late Monday afternoon, the fourth was still a fugitive.

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