Two Grand Could Mean Seven Years

A Pennsylvania man applied for a job, didn't get it, was paid anyway and may now go to prison for his troubles.

Edward Woodland Jr., 34, tried out for a temporary cleanup position at the Susquehanna nuclear power plant (search) last year.

Officials at PPL, an electric utility, and the plant's operator testified in court that Woodland went through three days of training, but then failed a background check and wasn't hired.

Somehow, paychecks totaling $2,194 were mailed to him anyway, which were cashed.

When the company discovered its mistake, Woodland refused to cough the money up.

"Why should I pay it back? I earned it," he said at his theft trial.

Woodland said he actually worked during the several weeks involved, but the jury didn't buy it and convicted him.

He remains free on bail until sentencing, and could get seven years in prison.

— Thanks to Out There reader Jeff M. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

'Beer Belly Bandit' Bounces Back

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The "Beer Belly Bandit" has struck again after a 10-month break, adding to the dozens of bank robberies he has committed in Florida since 2000.

The robber, known for his bulging midsection, hit a bank on Tuesday, pulling a gun on two tellers.

It was the first robbery he had committed since November, when he held up a bank in Sarasota, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said.

The amount stolen was not disclosed.

"Normally with investigations like this, you get an abundance of leads, especially with a $25,000 reward," said agent Steve Davenport. "We're not getting much at all. It's kind of perplexing."

Investigators are not sure where the bandit has been for the past 10 months. Jail is one possibility, but Davenport said police have the bandit's description and he probably would have been recognized.

The Beer Belly Bandit — also known as the "Band-Aid Bandit," because he had a bandage on his face in some holdups — has a skin condition on his hands and arms that makes his skin look bleached.

Boa Constrictor Tries to Strangle Car Interior

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — When they train you to be an auto mechanic, they usually don't teach you what to do about the constrictor.

Mechanics in a Philadelphia garage had to figure out how to handle one, an eight-foot, 45-pound boa constrictor that was trapped for about 18 hours inside a car dashboard.

The snake, named "Precious," somehow slithered out of its owner's house and ended up wrapped-up in a nearby Nissan, curled around the air conditioner vents.

The owner asked a car dealer for help retrieving her pet snake. The team of mechanics pulled apart the dashboard and removed the console to ease the snake from the dash to safety.

Cat Lovers' Bequest Could Buy a Lot of Kitty Litter

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) — A childless Florida couple who loved cats have given their entire $2 million estate to the University of Georgia (search) veterinary school.

Tom and Dorothy Morris of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., picked UGA because their favorite veterinarian, William Meriwether, went to school there.

"Since they had no children, I think they just wanted to leave their legacy to animals," said Peter Arnold, the deceased couple's nephew and representative of the estate.

Tom Morris died in the 1980s, and Dorothy Morris passed on in 2003.

Their bequest will turn into a $90,000 a year trust for students working toward a doctorate of veterinary medicine and Ph.D. simultaneously, said Dot Sparer, public relations coordinator for the veterinary school.

Their veterinarian, Meriwether, said he had no idea the Morrises would leave such a large gift.

"I thought maybe they'd give a few thousand dollars — but $2 million? Good gracious!" he said.

Up for Auction: High School Marching Band

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Looking to hire a band? March on over to eBay. The James Bowie High School Marching Band (search), all 250 members of it, are up for bid to raise money for a group trip to Arizona.

So far, no one has placed the $4,999 starting bid for the band, which promises in its eBay listing to "make a cosmic impact at your next personal or corporate event" and "literally blow your guests away!"

In the band's repertoire: "Proud Mary," "Black Magic Woman," "Happy Birthday," "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and the national anthem.

Ten days of bidding will end Saturday. The band will hit up parents to fill in the gaps if it falls short of the money needed to compete in the National Band Championship (search) and Fiesta Bowl Parade in Arizona.

Les Nichols, the band's booster club president and dad of two kids in the band, suggested that Republican Gov. Rick Perry make a bid.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have the Capitol rotunda filled with the Bowie High band?" Nichols said. "Republicans. Democrats. We don't care. We are a totally bipartisan band."

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