How Is It Really Going in Iraq?

Are you bombarded with conflicting opinions on how things are going in Iraq? (search) Unsure whom to believe? Unsure if we're on the uphill, or downhill?

I don't pretend to have the answers — but I will make sure you hear from others who do. I'm tracking down soldiers and civilians in Iraq who can give me their first person, straight-from-the-front-lines assessment — then you can make up your own mind about the situation.

Wednesday on "DaySide" we'll have an Iraqi who is a member of the Security Committee for the new interim government over there. I plan to ask him if he thinks they can have elections in January and when will the new Iraqi police force be ready to take over from our soldiers.

But if you have any questions you want to ask, please send them to me at and I'll read as many as possible on the air.

See you tomorrow.


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