Guests and Topics: September 28

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We'll have Part II of Bill’s exclusive interview with President George W. Bush tonight and the third and final installment will run on Wednesday evening.

In the interview, President Bush states that he wants to use diplomacy and international pressure versus military force to resolve the nuclear situation in Iran, but all options are on the table. He also tells Bill that he has no knowledge if Karl Rove was involved with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertisments. And when asked if he would don a flight suit and deliver his “mission accomplished” speech again if he had to do it all over, the president gives an emphatic answer. 

Other topics the President addresses in this wide-ranging interview include his National Guard (search) service, Iraq and Saddam Hussein (search), weapons of mass destruction (search), tax cuts and the economy, immigration and border control, and the political divide currently in the United States.

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