Guessing Game

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If all goes as planned and, after an hour of Hurricane Jeanne (search) coverage on Friday night on our show, we are going to bring you up to date on the Scott Peterson (search) double-murder trial — this includes more video tape from Laci's and Scott's lives

But before we discuss Peterson, we will tell you about the immense hurricane damage to Florida. It is hard to believe that Florida has gotten "hit" again. You wonder how much one state can take... and let's hope it is now over (although the hurricane experts said Friday that the season does not end until November 30.) Speaking of Florida, we expect to take the show there Thursday night for the debate between President Bush and Senator Kerry. We have the midnight hour... yes, drink lots of coffee.

In the Peterson murder trial, we have gotten hold of more videotapes used by the prosecution in the presentation of its case. While I am not sure of the evidentiary value of all of the tapes — e.g. the videotape of some golf clubs — the tapes do give you an inside perspective of Scott's and Laci's lives together. It is disturbing to watch Laci so happy in one video cooking not knowing, of course, that at best her husband is betraying her with Amber and at worst, going to kill her. Of course, whether he killed her or not is a decision the jury will make.

The prosecution will likely wind down this week. Scott Peterson's lawyer will then have a chance to present any evidence that the defense wants to present. We are hearing that the defense will present evidence — no one expects Scott Peterson to take the witness stand, but we could be surprised. The best estimate now — and it is really not a reliable one — is that closing arguments will be the last week in October.

To totally switch gears and to give you an inside (it does not get more "inside") look at FOX... check out what was in our internal computer system on Friday:

"...and as seen on Access Hollywood... now yours for the taking. It's an 8-foot Brunswick in mint condition. Red felt. Set of 8 cues, balls, how-to videos, books, 8- and 9- ball racks, wall-mount and floor-stand cue racks plus a cover.

Retailed for 3-grand plus 2 years ago.
Moving. Must get rid of it. No charge."

Guess which prominent FOX person is giving away a pool table — I am told it is already "gone." Guess right and I will send you a show bumper sticker — no cars... sorry, that's Oprah...but at least you won't have to pay taxes on the bumper sticker! Make sure you include your address so that we can send you the bumper sticker.

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