Guests and Topics for August 12

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Here is what's on tap for Thursday:

You'll get all the day's breaking news, plus we'll be joined by:

• Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., Armed Services Committee chairman
• Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga., Armed Dervices Committee member
• Ken Padowitz, former Florida prosecutor
• Joe Tacopina, criminal defense attorney
• Richard Goodstein, Democratic strategist and former advisor to the Gore campaign
• James Lake, Republican strategist & former advisor to Presiden Reagan
• Kimberley Locke, singer
• Major General Donald E. Edwards, retired, U.S. Army
• Shelley Hennig, Miss Teen U.S.A.
• Lt. General Tom Mcinerney, FNC military analyst
• George Kelling, criminal justice professor at Rutgers University
• Stephen Bley, criminal defense attorney
• F.J.Bing West, former assistant secretary of defense
• Judge Andrew Napolitano , Fox News senior judicial analyst
• Robert Simels, former New York City special prosecutor
• Randy Knox, criminal defense attorney
• Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush
• Jeff Connaughton, former Clinton White House special asssistant to the counsel
• John Vonahnen Jr., son and player
• John Vonahnen Sr., father and coach

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change.