The Foxlight: 'Joey'; Star Jones; Nick and Jess; Britney

"Joey" is lonely, Star's sponsors, trouble for Nick and Jess and oops who cares about Britney's wedding in today's Foxlight.

Matt LeBlanc (search) says every now and then he looks around the set of his new show and wonders, "where's Ross?" Old "friend" David Schwimmer will direct an episode. And Jennifer Aniston told us on the Emmy red carpet she wants to do a guest shot. But LeBlanc says it won't happen in the first year, because it's too soon. LeBlanc also admits it's weird to go from an ensemble cast to being the big shot. But watch your back, Joey -- Drea de Matteo might steal the show out from under you.

Want to come to Star Jones' (search) wedding? If you're a beauty company, you can be a sponsor. That's right -- it's possible to buy your way into Star Jones' nuptials. She claims she had no say in a contract making the rounds -- but one company says they'll get you lots of publicity and a place in her gift bag.

New York Post says Jessica Simpson (search) and Nick Lachey (search) are in trouble. He's restless, according to their source, because his career isn't exactly buying a lot of the Chicken of the Sea tuna. He wants some alone time, according to the source. Who would want alone time if you're married to Jessica Simpson? And will this threaten their upcoming Christmas special? Say it isn't so.

Finally, whether or not Britney Spears (search) is married has officially become of no interest to me.