It's the Forgeries, Stupid

Here's what's important about the CBS docu-drama fiasco...

It is important if the political dirty tricksters have gone so far over the edge that they are now fabricating documents attacking a sitting president during an election during a war.

I don't care how many times people say the real issue is what George W. Bush did in the National Guard in 1972. If those facts — whatever they are — are more important than a forgery, then I think those people have a problem with thinking.

First of all, what Bush and John Kerry (search) did during the Vietnam War is of minor importance.

But if the docu-drama traces itself back to the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign, then I would say that we're in the same room as Richard Nixon's (search) plumbers...  and that was not a real good period in American politics.

Why is this so hard for some people to understand? It's the forgeries, stupid.

Crimes count, and this would be an actual crime.

Now I know nobody wants to prosecute this thing. That would be way too messy... but let's just say they did.

Think somebody would talk under the threat of jail? Yes, I thought you would see it that way... of course somebody would talk.

And then we would find out if this is a prankster out there blogging and hacking and forging for fun... or if it's the political dirty tricks unit of an increasingly desperate Kerry campaign.

I think it's worth finding out, and I hope somebody does it and for once I hope it's not a reporter. Let a prosecutor — somebody with actual power — look into this. Then we might get somewhere.