The Foxlight: Paris; Sarah vs. Kim; Naomi

Paris' pages, Sarah Jessica vs. Kim and a near-naked Naomi in today's Foxlight.

Celebrity socialite and home video star Paris Hilton (search) is teaching girls how to behave and let their "inner heiress out." The 23-year-old Hilton dishes out her pearls of party-life wisdom in a 178-page book, "Confessions of an Heiress," published this month. Foxlight hasn't gotten an advance copy -- gee, I wonder why -- but Associated Press says it's more scrapbook than memoir, with "pictures outnumbering paragraphs." I wish I could act surprised.

That kiss Sarah Jessica Parker gave Kim Cattrall (search) at the Emmys the other night proves things have been smoothed over between the prickly pair, right? Don't bet your "Carrie" necklace on it. The New York Post's Page Six says none of the gals have forgiven Cattrall for yelling "cut" to "Sex and the City" movie plans. Parties for the cast were thrown without her, according to the Post, and no one from the show talked to her. There were no posed pictures together that night either. Kim, isn't it time you told your side of the sordid story? Call me.

Finally, yes, that was Naomi Campbell (search) standing in the middle of the Las Vegas strip the other day dressed in lingerie, garters and full angel's wings. Just running to the 7/11 for a Big Gulp? No, posing for the cover of the next Victoria's Secret catalog.