The Foxlight: Britney, Macaulay, Arnold

Britney vs. Chucky, Macaulay busted and smoking mad at Arnold in today's Foxlight.

Britney Spears (search) is mad. Not at the media this time -- it's another star. A living doll. Well, not living exactly. Clear all the shelves at Toys "R" Us -- it's Chucky -- the uber-creepy horror hobbit. His upcoming film "Seed of Chucky" uses the Britster's song "Baby One More Time." Funny, right? Not to Britney. Cease and desist letters all around. Now Chucky is firing back with a marketing campaign that says this is the movie "Britney doesn't want you to see." If it's like the other Chucky movies, I'm sure this is one time critics will be on her side.

Macaulay Culkin (search) can quit bragging he's never been arrested or in jail like all the other "child-star cliches." And can you imagine the look on his face when his friend said to the cops who pulled them over in Oklahoma, "Yeah sure, you can search the car." No word as to whether Culkin actually slapped his face in horror. How sad and cool would that be?

Finally, Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) has the health police up in arms. He's built a new municipal building at his own expense. New school? Library? That police station he drove into in "The Terminator?" Nope, it's a smoking tent for cigars outside the state building in Sacramento. They're allegedly passing out Cubans to some constituents. Who's gonna argue with him?