They Set Me Straight

Dear Viewers,

Last night was clear sailing!

As far as I know, we had no technical problems. Sometimes I don't even know the problems we have since I don't see all the graphics and banners on the TV screen — rather I look into a black and white monitor.

There is a color screen in the studio with the graphics on it that you see at home but I don't want to turn my head and watch since it looks silly to see the side of an anchor's head on the air.

I did, however, get some "heat" from some women in our studio in the last two days. Why? Because in my blog on Tuesday I made reference to "cameraMEN."

The women who gave me trouble are ALL women who run cameras for our show. Not only are cameras run by women (and men), but one night this week it was ALL women. Needless to say, I hung my head low and had to admit that they were right. They had fun teasing me ... and setting me straight. 

Emails have poured in ... I try and answer them myself but want to share some with you:

E-mail No. 1 (apparently the women in our studio are not the only ones who object to my choice of words)

hi Greta
Victims??? They were told to LEAVE, those chose to stay in FL

ANSWER: Cherie - I am not apologizing for this one! Mother Nature always wins these duels ...and yes, anyone who gets "hit" by her, is a victim whether the person evacuated or not! If you evacuate and your house gets destroyed or catches on fire from a downed power line, you are a "victim" of Mother Nature...One other thing....if this is the worst "mistake" I make all day, I consider my day a success.

E-mail No. 2

Thanks for your complete coverage of the storm. As one of the hundreds of thousands of evacuees from New Orleans, I was grateful to see your coverage of our city. Although we really dodged the bullet, thank God, many of us were wondering what the conditions in the city were like. Fox News had the only info on that which I could find. Thank you.
Another angle for your reporters, should there be another evacuation: the misery of the traffic during the evacuation. People from here were trapped in cars at a standstill for hours. One man reported getting 38 miles in 9 hours. When drivers finally would get to an exit at the Interstate, the facilities were overwhelmed. In the future, they need to put up port-a-pits and have water available. Water and waves on the beach are dramatic, but this is also a very real part of what happened to perhaps nearly a million people.
We enjoy Fox News. Keep reporting the truth.
John Ryan

E-mail No. 3

Greta - I love your show, but haven't we had enough daily coverage on the minutiae of the Scott Peterson trial? Four or five legal eagles each night dissecting every inflection of every word said is TOO MUCH. I am tuning out 'On The Record' until after the trial!

Phil Gibson

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta ,
I was listening to your show on XM radio last night (and everynight) when I got a theory about the missing cement . Could it be possible Scott Peterson used the bag of cement in the boat to help stablize it from tipping when he tossed her body overboard ? Then tossed the bag of cement off afterward ? Just an idea .
Thanks Greta
Terry from Omaha


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