Putin's Talking Tough

Just for laughs I clicked on a story in the Financial Times of London about a member of the European Parliament saying the Euros have to develop some mettle to stand up to not Usama, or Saddam... but to the United States and Russia.

I am telling you this because every so often you need to be reminded how far out in the ozone our so-called friends in Europe really are.

So get this, after the Beslan (search) school terror in Russia, Vladimir Putin (search) said Russia will go anywhere on the planet to hunt down terrorists. Sound familiar? Yes, much like George w. Bush.

Americans shrugged: “Go ahead. They’re just terrorists we don't have to hunt down ourselves.” But the Euros are stepping up the hysteria about to go crazy a second time.  It’s bad enough there's an outrageous, outlandish and illegal war from the Americans — that would be Iraq — but now we have Russia threatening to do the same thing?

Mais oui, cried the Euros. We have to stand up to both the U.S. and Russia.

Now, this is the European Union (search) with no army, no military that matters at all, telling both former rival superpowers that we're not going to take it and you guys with your big military establishments better pay attention.

The Euros have been telling us for three years that our War on Terror doesn't meet with their approval and they are going to keep telling us how bad we are until we cave in and elect someone European to run our national affairs.

Well, now they're telling the Russians the same thing.

They’re threatening the Russians with diplomats and pronouncements and condemnation — maybe even marching in the streets by thousands, or hundreds of thousands comfy Euros who live such a soft and luxurious life they can't imagine defending themselves.

And if Putin decides he has to chase terrorists to their bases in France, do you think the U.S. is going to tell him to back off?

We shall see.

That's My Word.

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