On Ivan Alert

Dear Viewers,

If you watch our show regularly, you know that in the half hour leading up to our live show, we have two "teases."

One is a "live" tease in which either Alan Colmes or Sean Hannity asks me during their live show what we will be doing on the show. The second one is a taped tease that we do right after the "live" one.

Last night we had to re-do the taped one because, in taping it the first time, I said that Hurricane Ivan was headed towards the "golf course" rather than the "Gulf Coast." The guys in the studio teased me and said technically I was correct since they assumed there must be a golf course in the Florida panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana.

I am sure you also noticed the audio problems we had last night — both with guests who we were interviewing via phone. When it happened the first time I assumed it was that first phone guest's phone. When it happened the second time I knew it was our problem. I am hoping it is fixed by tonight.

Speaking of tonight — if Hurricane Ivan hits the U.S. tonight, expect a two-hour live show from us. We are going to give you the most comprehensive show we can. We have all been on alert to do extra shows because we fear this will be a horrendous hurricane.

We keep hoping the people of the Gulf Coast will be spared but as time marches on, it seems less likely that the area will be spared the wrath of this powerful storm.


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