A Last Wish

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

By the Numbers

It's been widely reported that John Kerry (search) has taken a hit in the polls since the Republican Convention. But it turns out he's doing just fine in some polls taken in foreign countries among people who can't vote here.

Surveys in 35 nations show Kerry leading in 30, while President Bush is ahead in only three. It's too close to call in India and Thailand.

A Sure Bet?

But Mr. Bush has the strong backing of at least one foreigner. Denek Kaplan — a Czech doctor — is betting his fortune on a Bush re-election.

Kaplan bet a record one million koruna — about $40,000 — on the president. He promises to donate a third of his winnings to the victims of the Russian school siege.

A Last Wish

And if you think politics ends in the grave, you should check out the obituary page in The New York Times.

Esterita Blumberg — a 76-year-old political activist — died this week. Her death notice says: "In lieu of flowers donations in her memory may be sent to any group working to unseat George Bush."