Small-Town Showdown All in the Family

Family squabble? Political showdown? You decide.

Twenty-two-year-old Willie "Troy" Coco of Grand Coteau (search), La., was arrested last Tuesday for punching Jean Coco, his uncle's former wife, in the face, according to the Lafayette (La.) Daily Advertiser.

Troy Coco is also Grand Coteau's fire chief. Jean Coco is mayor of the Cajun country town, population about 1,000.

The younger Coco went loco when the mayor confronted him about the volunteer department's poor fire rating.

"I thought we had a good conversation," Jean Coco told the newspaper.

Troy Coco, however, said he and his former aunt started calling each other names, and that he finally snapped when Jean Coco disparaged his mother and threatened to fire him as fire chief.

He added that he didn't mean to hit the mayor, but he'd "just had enough."

After Jean Coco dusted herself off, she called the town's chief of police — her own son, and presumably Troy's cousin, Jonty Coco.

Troy Coco was arrested by St. Landry Parish sheriff's deputies and charged with battery on a public official.

Jean Coco has asked Grand Coteau's Board of Aldermen to suspend Troy Coco as police chief, but implied it wasn't personal.

"I know this is not all Troy's fault," she told the newspaper.

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High School Football Site Turns to Porn

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Fort Walton Beach High School football fans who click on the booster club's Web site are finding out that "score" has a different meaning these days.

Instead of stats and play-by-plays of the Vikings, Internet surfers are seeing pictures of naked women — posted after the Touchdown Club (search) unknowingly let the domain name lapse.

"Somebody dropped the ball," said Ricky Mattox, who helped start the Web site four years ago when he was the club's president.

The site was purchased last month by Beta Corp., based in Ukraine. Now, the site gives an eyeful and links to other sex-themed sites.

It even remained linked an ever-so-short time to the Okaloosa School District's Web site.

"The day it went up, it was only on for an hour, hour and a half," said Alexis Tibbetts, principal of Fort Walton Beach High. "We killed that link immediately within minutes of finding it."

Touchdown Club president Johnnie Ford said Saturday the club hopes to buy the name back this week. He said he was unaware anything needed to be done to maintain control of the site.

"We just assumed that the school was paying for it," Ford said.

Beta Corp. did not respond to e-mail inquiries.

Uninvited Whale Refuses to Leave

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, Nova Scotia (AP) — A humpback whale (search) trapped for more than a week behind a hydroelectric dam refused the latest attempt Monday to lure him back to the ocean.

Whale rescuers used the recorded sounds of feeding humpbacks to try to coax the 16½-ton animal through the sluice gates that separate the Annapolis River from the Atlantic Ocean.

After following the sound for about 2.5 miles, the animal swam to within 115 feet of the Annapolis Royal Tidal Generating Station before halting Monday afternoon.

"I guess somebody forgot to tell the whale that it was supposed to hang around and actually go through the sluice gates," said Jerry Conway, marine mammal coordinator with Canada's Fisheries Department.

The rescuers used a small patrol boat equipped with a waterproof speaker to send the sounds into the water.

Canadian fisheries officers say the ample supply of fish in the Annapolis River is probably keeping the 20-foot-long whale from heading for open water.

The power plant, which uses the Bay of Fundy's record-high tides to generate electricity, has been shut down since the whale arrived. Officials were concerned the noise from the plant's turbine could frighten the animal.

Field of Dreams Turned Into Lake

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Remember the scene in "Bull Durham" when Kevin Costner's character flooded the baseball field so his team wouldn't have to play the next day? Someone in Frederick remembered it, too.

When the grounds crew arrived at Harry Grove Stadium Monday morning, there was 20 inches of water on the infield. A prankster apparently tampered with the timer on the irrigation system.

But unlike the Durham Bulls, the Frederick Keys were able to play last night. General Manager Joe Pinto brought in a company to pump the water off the infield, then rented a helicopter to hover over the field and dry it out.

So far, police have made no arrests.

Pinto believes it may have been a case of life imitating art. He notes that "Bull Durham" was shown in the area recently.

New York Yankees Have Rodent in Outfield

CLEVELAND (AP) — This squirrelly newcomer caused quite a stir at Jacobs Field.

A brown squirrel ran onto the field in the bottom of the third inning last Wednesday night and ran circles around the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians.

After romping through the outfield, it dashed toward the infield to the delight of the cheering crowd. The squirrel then ran between Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and shortstop Derek Jeter, who stood watching the critter.

After a brief delay, play continued when the squirrel ran out and settled down in center field. Several players smiled at the sight, and the squirrel was still out there in the fifth inning.

The Indians superimposed a team jersey over a photo of the squirrel on the giant television screen in center.

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