Hendrix Family Feud Takes Center Stage

Nearly 35 years after Jimi Hendrix's (search) death, a family feud over the rock legend's fortune has taken center stage in a Seattle courtroom.

The battle erupted after the death of Jimi's sole heir, his father Al Hendrix (search).

Leon Hendrix, Jimi's brother, was cut out of his father's will. He has now sued his stepsister Janie Hendrix, alleging that she took advantage of a feeble old man to wrest control of the $80 million music-rights fortune from Jimi's last blood relative.

"This is about the legacy and heritage of Jimi Hendrix going to the rightful heirs, and not to the adopted sister that came along after," said Leon.

Janie Hendrix said Leon is the one who promoted bad blood in the family.

"Leon has always fought," she explained. "Sadly, he would come to my dad with his hand out — not to give, but to take."

Several other Hendrix relatives mentioned in the will have also sued Janie, saying she mismanaged the business of Jimi's estate, leaving them without a penny of the profits.

Janie claimed the rest of the family would be paid once the company was debt-free.

The one thing family members did agree on was that Jimi Hendrix was probably rolling over in his grave with all this squabbling over his money.

At stake is more money than Hendrix could ever have dreamt of making. Worth much more in death than in his lifetime, the rock icon continues to sell music and merchandise.

A judge will have to decide who gets rich off the experience.

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