NBC Reveals 'Apprentice 2' Cast

On your mark. Get set. You're fired! NBC has revealed "The Apprentice 2" (search) cast — sans last names — in a statement and on the show's first season DVD bonus materials.

In the second "Apprentice" outing, premiering Sept. 9, there's 18 contestants, up from the first season's 16 business-savvy savages. The quantity — and a few coincidences with female contestants — make for a slightly confusing cast. There's Stacie and Stacy, two Jennifers, an Ivana (but not THAT Ivana), and Pamela, who bears a resemblance to Carolyn Kepcher, one of Donald Trump's (search) advisers on the show.

Not to worry. The confusion will dissipate as Trump fires all but one.

The female contestants are: Pamela, 32, an investment firm partner who said the competitors will "eat each other"; Jennifer C., 31, a brunette real estate agent who's also an equestrian; Stacie, 35, a model who owns a Subway franchise in Harlem; Jennifer M., 29, a seemingly sweet attorney; Sandy, 28, and Elizabeth, 31, business owners who both describe themselves as innovative; Maria, 31, short-haired marketing executive who's critical of the first season's females; Stacy, 26, a perky and Trump loving attorney; and Ivana, 28, a venture capitalist who said working with Trump would be the highlight of her career.

The male contestants are: Raj, 28, a bow-tie wearing real estate developer who doesn't really watch television; Bradford, 32, a shaved-headed and slightly goofy attorney; Chris, 30, a stockbroker who thinks sex sells; Andy, 23, a recent Harvard grad who describes himself as a "swarthy gentleman"; John, 24, a marketing director who said good-looking people are smarter; Wes, 27, a blonde wealth manager who believes season two's women won't use femininity to their advantage; Kevin, 29, a law student who said Trump is "the best"; Rob, 32, a Texas branding salesman; and Kelly, 37, a software executive who describes himself as a leader.

Four of the wannabes are from New York; three are from San Francisco. Four graduated from Harvard. The oldest contestant is 37; the youngest is 23.

During taping of the show this past summer, the 18 contestants lived in a specially designed suite in Trump Tower (search) with such amenities as a three-hole putting green, a basketball hoop, a $100,000 kitchen and a couch from Trump's own apartment.

Casting for the third season of "Apprentice" finished in Seattle on Aug. 7.