Raw Data: Kerry's 'Shame' Ad

To counter ads questioning John Kerry's (search) actions during and after the Vietnam War, the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign released a new ad Wednesday calling on President Bush to do more to stop ads from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (search).

The television ad is a version of one released over the Internet called "Old Tricks" that featured Sen. John McCain, the Arizona lawmaker who ran against Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000. The ad uses video from a 2000 GOP primary debate where McCain rebuked Bush for refusing to disavow or condemn attacks on McCain's military record.

Following is a transcript of the ad:

Ad Name: 'Shame'

John Kerry: I'm John Kerry and I approved this message.

On Screen: George Bush is up to his old tricks.

John McCain: Let me tell you what really went over the line. Governor Bush had an event, and he paid for it, and standing, and stood next to the spokesman for a fringe veterans group. That fringe veteran said that John McCain had abandoned the veterans. Now I don't know how if you can understand this George, but that really hurts.

George Bush: Yeah.

John McCain: That really hurts. And so five United State senators, Vietnam veterans, heroes. Some of them really incredible heroes, wrote George a letter and said "apologize." You should, you should be ashamed.

On Screen: Four years ago it was John McCain. This year, they're smearing John Kerry. George Bush, denounce the smear. Get back to the issues.