No Plastic Surgery for Laura Dern

Laura Dern (search) can't believe how many of her fellow actresses have gotten some kind of plastic surgery.

"In my mom's generation, they didn't even think about plastic surgery until they were 70," she told reporters recently. "And now, every actress you meet has gotten Botox at 30. It's just shocking to me."

Dern, 35, is co-starring in the film "We Don't Live Here Anymore," (search) her first since having a baby 18 months ago.

Taking time off to be with her son was important to her, and it marked the first break she's taken in her career.

"The great good fortune was my first job back that I found and was luckily hired for was an extraordinary part," she said.

"We Don't Live Here Anymore" tells the story of two couples whose relationships are marred by affairs.