A Personal Beef...

I flew on Saturday. Behind me, in a three seat row was a mother and two kids... two rambunctious little boys.

For three hours, they kicked me in the back.

My friends know that I have a short temper sometimes, but I was good. I looked back, and i saw this poor bedraggled mother was trying to control these boys, but she just didn't have enough authority in her voice and she was falling short.

I didn't want to make it worse by embarassing her on an airplane by asking her to control uncontrollable kids.

So I tried to sleep with a six-year-old punting my kidneys 10 times a minute.

Believe it or not, I did drift off once in a while.

During one of those snoozy moments, I thought I saw a man standing and talking to the woman and the kids behind me.

I looked back and saw a tall man who looked suspiciously like the boys.

Sure enough, it was the dad. He was checking on his wife and kids, seated elsewhere.

He looked over their row of seats — the very last on the plane, next to the engines, seats that wouldn't lay back.

I heard him say, "Well, this sucks." And then he took off.

His son continued kicking me in the kidneys...

I woke up and I began to realize something that made me increasingly angry.

This father was sitting in first class. He bumped himself up and sent his wife and kids to the steerage section of the plane. In his words... the section that "sucks."

So he rode up front in the wide seat, ignoring the chaos his kids were causing in the back of the plane, where his seven-year-old was playing soccer with the back of my seat.

When I got off the plane, he was standing in the jetway waiting for his family.

I was very tempted to tell him he was a jerk, but I figured that was his wife's job and I could only hope she was up to it.

That's My Word.

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