Geragos' New Gig

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I promised "behind the scenes" and here is a "scoop." Do you wonder what it would be like to have a law practice in Redwood City, California? Mark Geragos (searchhas been trying Peterson there for months but does he like Redwood City and its legal community well enough to develop a law practice there? Well...

Somehow while engrossed in trying the Peterson double homicide case, Mark Geragos decided to open a branch law office in Redwood City. It is hard to imagine how he could find the time to think about opening another office (he is working around the clock on the Peterson case) - but he did, and he even bought a building.

The pics attached to this blog give you the FIRST glimpse of what is going to be Geragos' office in Redwood City. His main office is in Los Angeles and he is partners with his father and his brother.

The building he bought is right across the street from our rented office space in Redwood City and two blocks from the courthouse and the jail. Before I left Thursday night, and after being told this was the new plan for Geragos, I grabbed my camera and walked over and checked the place out.

From the looks of it, he is going to have to do some renovations - not a lot since it was an office building for a title company. Frankly, a good cleaning, some fresh paint on the wall and new carpeting would suffice but somehow I suspect Mark is going to do more.

I am a bit surprised that he is doing this since it is a huge undertaking to open an office and especially one about 400 miles from his main office, but I am told he likes Redwood City and wants to expand his practice.


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