Shame on S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom

A few thousand gay marriages have been annulled by the California Supreme Court (search).

Thursday, the court declared gay marriage unconstitutional in California and said the few thousand marriage licenses issued by the city of San Francisco were null and void.

So the marriages were annulled and voided.

A little later San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (search) — the handsome young guy who wants to be a star in California politics — came out and said the court was wrong, gay marriage is right, etc.

I knew this was going to happen.

The mayor of San Francisco was cynically exploiting the fragile emotional state of a bunch of gays in San Francisco. They wanted to get married and their logic said they should be able to. After all, they loved each other, the gay establishment had set marriage as a new and quite achievable goal and Gavin Newsom was going to be the guy to nail down the gay vote for himself forever. All he had to do was marry every gay person who wanted to be married. It didn't matter if it was legal. Gays thought it should be legal and Newsom could marry them even it wasn't.

And so he did.

Gays in San Francisco, who constitute a monolithic voting bloc, saw Newsom as their hero. And now he's got the gay vote in his pocket as long as he wants it.

The fact that he exploited the emotional need of many gay people to be married, to be committed to one another, by telling them they could actually be legally married, that deception, that manipulation of gay people, will likely pass without his being punished.

It's a shame. He should be punished and it's gay people who should punish him.

That's My Word.

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