Terror Warnings: Playing Politics or Playing it Safe?

Key financial institutions in New York, Washington and Newark, N.J., were under heavy security Monday, one day after federal officials issued a warning that the buildings could be targets of an Al Qaeda (search) terror attack.

"The elevation of the threat level in New York and New Jersey and Washington is a serious reminder, a solemn reminder, of the threat we continue to face," President Bush said at the White House Monday. "All the institutions of our government must be fully prepared for a struggle against terror that will last into the future."

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge told "FOX & Friends" on Monday that intelligence officials had gotten unusually detailed information from multiple sources.

Terror warnings: Playing politics or playing it safe?

A sample of your responses:

Only history will tell us whether this weekend's raising of the terrorist alert to Orange was politically driven or not. Personally, I believe it was not. Best for any administration to notify the public of a "potential" threat to increase our vigilance rather than keep it close hold. Bottom line though, only the terrorist truly knows the target intended for attack.
Reed G.

To be more clear, just because Howard Dean might use terror alerts for political gain does not mean Pres. Bush would... and I don't believe he would.
Morgantown, WV

From what I have been able to discern, the capture and analysis has reaped a gold mine.
Bill B.
Council Bluffs, IA

I've long said, if Bush or Clinton had tried to do anything aggressive about terrorists before 9/11, they'd have been accused of trying to create a marshall state (Bush) or trying to distract from Monica (Clinton). Here we are, ONLY 3 years later and we're accusing him of playing politics. Biting our noses to spite our faces.... *I* think he's playing safe... and wise.
Diane R.
Sacramento, CA

Howard Dean in implying that President Bush may be playing politics? Isn't that exactly what Howard is doing? Try to imagine Howard Dean being President? Now that would raise the terror alert.
Harrisburg, PA

The American people ought to thank their lucky stars that Howard Dean did not get the nomination. For a politician to utter those ridiculous words out of their mouth is unconscienable! Imagine, this man wants to be president of the United States. God help us. My gosh, to think that a president of the United States would use this situation to boost his political situation is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous! Kerry ought to keep Dean out their speaking for the Democrats... they will surely lose this election. The American people are not dumb!
S. Cahoon
Orange City, FL

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