Aww Shucks

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

Calling Us Crazy

The chairman of Time Warner — which owns CNN — used his appearance at a convention of young minority journalists to slam FOX News. When asked why CNN loses the ratings battle to Fox, Dick Parsons (search) said FOX was more like talk radio so viewers stayed longer because they enjoyed listening to, " crazy people exchange views".

Parsons also said CNN was not liberal, but had a bias to the truth.

A 9/11 Moment

Sen. John Kerry (search) sharply criticized President Bush this week for remaining in a Florida classroom for about seven minutes on Sept. 11, after White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card told him a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

But, in a July CNN interview, Sen. Kerry described his actions on Sept. 11. According to the account, he and several other Democrats sat at a table in the Capitol "unable to think" from the time the second plane hit the World Trade Center and another plane hit the Pentagon. Total “unable to think” time: 40 minutes.

Aww Shucks

The presidential race — at least in Iowa (search) — has become a battle of the corn photo op. For his part, Sen. Kerry held up ears of corn in his hands as he waved to the crowd.

Not to be outdone, the president ate corn on the cob raw. An Iowa State professor of corn physiology said although most people cook corn first, it's OK to eat it raw.

The Cookie Crumbles

And a correction: Sunday, August 1 we reported that Teresa Heinz Kerry had lost the Family Circle magazine "cookie recipe contest" to first lady Laura Bush.

Actually the contest just ended last Sunday, results come out October 19.