Guests and Topics: July 12

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Some say he paved the way for the Reagan Revolution and brought the "right" ideas to television. Now, as he begins a new chapter in a very successful life, the founder of the "National Review (search)" William F. Buckley, Jr. speaks out on "Hannity & Colmes" at the end of an era.

Then, the NAACP's national conference continues today in Philadelphia. On Sunday, the group's chairman Julian Bond (search) lashed out against President Bush. Mr. Bush recently turned down an invitation to appear during the conference. Is the NAACP (search) attacking the president because of sour grapes? Should Mr. Bush have appeared before the group? Former Republican Presidential candidate Alan Keyes joins the debate!

And later, a star-studded fundraiser for Kerry-Edwards at Radio City Music Hall netted more than $7 million dollars for the two Democratic candidates. But did the profanity-laden gala event go too far?  We'll ask with Oakland, California Mayor Jerry Brown who is a former Democratic presidential candidate.

Also, who is John Edwards? We'll kick off begin our week-long look at the new presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential candidate when we speak with two political reporters who have covered Edwards for years: Anna Griffin and Mark Johnson, both from "The Charlotte Observer (search)" join Sean and Alan this evening.

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