The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Anchorman" and "Sleepover" join "King Arthur" at theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight.

Will Ferrell says he didn't want to be a real anchorman when he was younger -- he didn't care about reporting or getting the facts straight on a news story, he just wanted to read the news on TV. That's the perfect set up for "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." (search) Sounds like a porno, name doesn't it?

The Associated Press says the movie feels like an extended "Saturday Night Live" script. Uh-oh. But wait -- they add that there's a goofy fearless energy that sucks you along, and they give it three stars.

Next Alexa Vega says "Sleepover" (search) is a good transitional role for her to graduate from child actor to teen star to grown-up actress. Vega says only a few child actors have been able to pull that off. She turns 16 next month and obviously doesn't want to start robbing video stores. USA Today calls it "sleep-inducing" but still gives it two-and-a-half stars.

Did Jon Stewart really use the "s-word" several dozen times Thursday night talking about "King Arthur" (search)? As in "It's a big heaping bag of 's---'?" Yep. Talk about bad word-of-mouth. He was lancing it a lot. Sorry.

Word is that some of the battle scenes are intense, and the best one is on ice. Like the Ice Capades? Not exactly. Still, it's a very mixed medieval bag, according to most. Clive Owen can do no wrong, and Keira Knightley has Knight in her name! Still, could this be a miss rather than a hit from uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer? Maybe he's due.

Meanwhile, there's going to be a Broadway musical version of "Spider-Man" (search)? Composed by Andrew Lloyd "Web"-ber?