While the Cat's Away...

What happens while Mike is filling in for Brian? We somehow get Playboy Playmates doing the grilling segment!

Brian was on a secret mission to the White House to meet with the president. Did I say secret? Yes, it was secret until Chris Wallace spilled the beans. We'll let you know what was going on there at a later time. Brian will return Tuesday.

Saddam Hussein (search) reaction tops the news. Many of you were surprised that you were able to see the judge's face in the video yesterday. We were surprised too. We'd been told he was to only be seen from behind. His voice wasn't allowed to be broadcast. All in an effort to keep his identity hidden. Obviously, that's not happening. The tape that was cleared for release by the government shows him quite plainly. Talk about guts. Did you hear that Saddam told interrogators that the reason he invaded Kuwait was to keep his troops from becoming bored. They haven't heard of UNO?

Watch what is happening in Hong Kong. The New York Times has an excellent article. China seems to be going back on most of what it agreed to in the early handover.

Also, if you're having trouble figuring out who's telling the truth about the Saddam/WMD/Bin Laden/Terrorist connection check out the website www.factcheck.org. It gives you links directly to the source material that will help you make up your own mind.

Big THANKS to Hospice of Marion County Healthcare Alliance. They sent two live butterflies for us to release. The company was just named one of the best small/medium companies to work for in America. Congratulations.

On my home front... the 4-month-old, Wolf, learned to roll over today. He did it on the copy machine while I was sorting papers just before the show started. I got a lovely souvenir when his foot hit the print button just as he flipped over. Talk about a shocked expression! The 16-month-old, Sumner, just learned to climb out of her crib. She makes a beeline for her brother and shakes his crib until he wakes up. Fortunately, the big kids are heading off to camp where they will be able to sleep more soundly.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


Thursday, July 1: Mr. Hussein Goes to Court

Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends,”

Brian Kilmeade's detox, I mean vacation continues, he'll be back on Tuesday. Judge Andrew Napolitano was in his chair today... and to be honest, there was a lot of tension on the set, after what happened at a staff get together this past weekend. (See picture of the Judge "Mister Friendly" in our photo gallery).

It was great having the judge in the house today... because it was our program was re-named "Mister Hussein Goes to Court"

We thought we'd have the new video of him by 7 a.m., but it never came. Then we were told 7:15 a.m., then 7:30 a.m., then 8 a.m. FINALLY they came in at 8:34 a.m.

And what did we learn? Saddam Hussein... is Greek! At least Grecian, as in the Grecian Formula. His beard is still grey, but the top of his head is jet black! Who knew they had hair dye in "undisclosed secure locations?”

Because we were waiting for the pictures, we were unable to go outside and chat with the folks who dropped by our studio, which is the highlight of our day --we love to get out from under the hot lights and mingle with masses.

BTW... If you're planning a trip to the big town of NYC this summer, please drop by the studio at 48th and Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) and tap on our bulletproof windows. At least they TOLD us they're bulletproof. There are no plans to test them anytime soon.

Behind the scenes there was an important event Wednesday. Starting about six or seven years ago, I would hear the studio say... "There goes 747". I always thought they were referring to an airplane. Six months later, I realized they weren't looking UP and OUT the window, they were just looking OUT. "747" was actually a beautiful blonde woman who walked by everyday at 7:47am!

She's been walking by EVERYDAY at 7:47am, of course the crew always notes her location, and heads turn. Until yesterday.

We were outside doing a segment, when Mike Jerrick, who's always on the lookout for a blonde, pulled her over, and introduced her to the crew ON TV!

There's a reason she walked by our building everyday at the same time... SHE WORKS in the Fox building!

It will probably take another six or seven years to find out WHERE in the building, it is 65 stories tall!

There are a million stories in the naked city... that was just one of them.

Have a great day, see you first thing in the morning!

Steve Doocy

Wednesday, June 30: Anniversary Oversight

Well, just in case you thought you were doing a great job as a parent... guess again.

We had a 15-year-old PhD candidate who will be working for the Pentagon this summer doing something I can't even pronounce. She began reading at eight months and reading novels at age two! In addition, she's performed with Smash Mouth.

Yikes. I'm really behind in my parenting.

Steve is celebrating his anniversary. Oops. He forgot. He claims it's because he had Mother's Day, her birthday, now the anniversary. Exactly how that differs from any other year somehow got by me. Anyway, he's scrambling. The recommended gift is porcelain. Juliet suggested teeth. I suggested a new toilet.

Wednesday, we had Jed Babbin on the show. His book is "Inside the Asylum.” Great read. Specifics on how France helped Saddam and continues to thwart us. Details on how the U.N. pays members of terrorist organizations. By the way, interesting reaction from Jacques Chirac when President Bush (following U.S. tradition) recommended a faster track for Turkey to join the European Union. Chirac basically told the president to mind his own business. Keep in mind that France has a VERY large and growing Muslim population. Please take the time to learn more about what is motivating our "allies" in NATO and the United Nations. I just returned from visiting Normandy and taking four of our kids to tour the D-Day battle sites. The folks there were so nice I wondered if somehow Normandy was part of England again.

Saddam is in the legal custody of the Iraqis. We asked you what punishment he deserved. Most of you e-mailed that he should be killed. Iraq doesn't have the death penalty anymore. I think they should consider handing him over to the Iranians for trial. Bet the crimes from the 1980-88 war has left them wanting their pound of flesh.

Oh boy, just put my shoe back on. That perv, Mike Jerrick, actually was willing to pay $10 to look at my toes. With size 10 feet there's a lot of toe to look at! If he was willing to give me a pedicure at the same time I'd be all over that offer!

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 29: Bonjour America

Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends,”

What a busy day. Forget about the whole transfer of power — which is great. I'm talking about perhaps the weirdest technical snafu in the history of “FOX & Friends.”

President Bush was to speak at the NATO summit in Turkey. Sounds easy enough. It was a pool feed, meaning all the networks would have the same "feed", the same pictures, etc.

His comments were at the only French university in Istanbul. Here's the problem. When it was time for the president's comments, the director pushed the button and there was President Bush, on a severe clear blue day. He was wearing a red tie, white shirt, blue suit. He looked great. But he was speaking IN FRENCH!

Whenever there is a foreign event, there is always a translator who translates whatever is said, into other languages around the world.

Apparently because it was a French university, THE ONLY VOICE heard on TV was French.

So there you've got a Texan, in Turkey... speaking in French!

Apparently Jacques Chirac, when he's not presiding over his nation, works as an audio engineer.

Funny. Funny. Funny.

It only lasted about 90 seconds... but I'll never forget it.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank E.D. for the kind comments about the Doocy children at the various boozy events we attended this weekend. I do have a photo of Peter Doocy, pictured getting lunch money from that pantywaist, Brian Kilmeade.

Good kids.

Have a great day.

Steve Doocy
Fox News Channel


Monday, June 28: Surprise Surprise

What a day! As you wake up we find out that Iraq (search) is fully sovereign two days ahead of schedule.

The great shot was watching the NATO video as Defense Secretary Rumsfeld passed a note to President Bush letting him know it was done. The president got a big grin, passed a note back then leaned over to whisper the news in Prime Minister Blair's ear. Handshakes, grins. You know they were itching to high five each other. Interesting to watch to see if the new terminology the Iraqi officials are using referring to the insurgents as the "infidels" and "enemies of Islam" will catch on.

Weekend gossip: Had our “FOX & Friends” summer shindig at the Senior Grand Poobah's house (Matt Singerman). All of us and our kids. That's interesting. Most of our staff is under the age of 27 and single... no kids. The rest of us have more children than we can count. Looks of terror as we approach the party with hoards of children in tow. Needless to say they made short work of the dessert tray. Kilmeade never made it. He heard there was a cover charge and you know how cheap he is — plus he feared he might have to help clean up afterwards. Doocy clan attended along with Dr. Witkin and her fabulous hubby-to-be.

Sunday, another FOX BBQ. Hey, any excuse for a beer in the name of business. This time more folks. O'Reilly in a speedo... now that's a sight. Again, the Doocys were there for the free food. And again, we were all made to feel like failures in the face of perfect parenting. The Doocy children are the most well-behaved, intelligent and hard-working kids you'll ever meet. How they are the off-spring of that slacker I'll never be able to figure out! My son, J.D., along with Brian's son, Brian, (it makes it easier for him to remember) had a great time terrorizing all the little girls by popping balloons in back of them. My daughter, Sumner, who is built like a Sherman tank, had her hands in the guacamole all day long. Big laundry day today!

Final thoughts: Please continue to follow the latest on the EU constitution. As our final guest, Frank Gaffney, alluded to we, may be watching the end of the importance of our alliance with Britain. This could have dire consequences for our military and diplomatic future.