Topics and Guests for June 29

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The Supreme Court (search) ruled Tuesday that a law meant to punish pornographers who peddle dirty pictures to Web-surfing kids is probably an unconstitutional muzzle on free speech.

We’ll get the fallout from Jerry Berman, president of the Center for Democracy and Technology, and Jan Larue, chief counsel with Concerned Women for America.

Plus, what's the administration to do now? We’ll ask James Comey, deputy U.S. attorney general.

For most U.S. military personnel, a 14-month deployment to Iraq would be more than enough. But not for U.S. Army Reserve Cpt. John Welsh, who is about to go back, this time in the private sector.

Short-term interest rates are set to move higher. What about stocks? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Scott Bleier, president of Hybrid Investors, and Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital.

Plus, who says higher interest rates are a bad thing? How will the move by the Fed help savvy savers? John Rother, director of policy and strategy at the AARP, and David Wyss, chief economist at Standard & Poor’s, explain.

Did the early handover of power in Iraq take the wind out of terrorist's sails? We’ll ask retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. Bill Cowan, and Van Hipp, former deputy assistant secretary of the Army.

And, it seems that every other week a new medical study surfaces warning us about the dangers of one everyday items. Should we pay attention to them? We’ll ask Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, FOX News medical consultant.

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