Guests and Topics: June 28

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The Supreme Court (search) delivered a mixed verdict today on the Bush administration's anti-terrorism policies, ruling that the U.S. government has the power to hold American citizens and foreign nationals without charges or trial, but that detainees can challenge their treatment in U.S. courts.

What does this ruling mean for you and your family? Could these legal maneuvers endanger the lives of all Americans? We'll bring you analysis of today's important Supreme Court decisions when FNC Senior Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano and George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley join us in the No Spin Zone.   

Then... Surprise! Two days before the June 30 handover deadline, U.S. Administrator Paul Bremer (search) has handed over full sovereignty to the Iraqi interim government. The handover came two days ahead of schedule. We'll talk with former U.N. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke  about today's announcement and the implications for the future of the country.

Also, director Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11 (search)" opened around the country this week. In the film, Moore brings his personal vision and political dissent over the Iraq war and the Bush administration to the American public. But when is dissent legitimate and when does it cross the line to become inflammatory and irresponsible?

And later, has the prosecution in the Scott Peterson (search) double-murder trial ruined their case against the former fertilizer salesman? Did statements by a former juror last week reveal the weaknesses in the prosecution's case so far?

Finally, don't miss another edition of Bill's world-famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!"

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