Topics and Guests for June 25

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Friday, June 25:

Why isn't NATO directly helping out in Iraq?
Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme allied commander

Doe a newly uncovered document prove the Bush administration was right about a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq?
Yossef Bodansky, author of "The Secret History of the Iraq War"

Can John Kerry run as a believable centrist?
Alan Nathan, centrist talk show host

Republican Jack Ryan becomes the latest politician to be hoisted on his own petard. Why do sex scandals ruin some politicians, but not others?
Mike Paul, consultant for Reputation Management

How does nuclear proliferation affect U.S. foreign policy?
Daneil Goure, vice president of the Lexington Institute

A spectacular mistake in the Kobe Bryant case turns the rape trial into a comedy of errors
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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