Guests and Topics: June 21

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• Can't wait for tomorrow's highly anticipated release of Bill Clinton's (search) "My Life"? What new details will be revealed? We'll get answers from former Clinton legal counsel Lanny Davis.

• Did you see, read or hear about the horrific and graphic Saddam (search) torture tape made public last week? If not, you are not alone. Why would the media ignore such a despicable documentary? Michael Ledeen, resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute (search), provides details. Don't miss this!

• Peterson Juror No. Five will stay on the case despite his Thursday encounter with Laci Peterson's brother. Could this be damaging to either the prosecution or the defense? We'll have the latest from the trial plus expert analysis and assessment from Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney.

• Are some American soldiers running for the border to avoid deployment to Iraq? FNC correspondent Heather Nauert has a full report.

• Some critics contend that the insanity plea is nothing more than a crazy excuse for murder, what will they say about Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (search)? Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party joins the debate.

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