Guests and Topics: June 7

Tonight..."The O'Reilly Factor" is on...

We'll remember the legacy of President Ronald Reagan (search). Join us as Fox News Political Analyst and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich salutes the life and service of President Reagan.

Plus, we'll talk with two Hollywood legends about the man who was one of their own. Mickey Rooney (search) and Doris Day (search), who actually appeared in a couple of movies with the man who would become president, will join us to talk about the 40th president.

Also, former California Governor, and current Mayor of Oakland, California, Jerry Brown (search) who succeeded Mr. Reagan in the governor's office, will be here.

Then, world leaders are gathering in Georgia this week. Why should we care about the "G-8 Summit (search)?" We'll have some No Spin answers.

Finally, don't miss a brand new edition of the world-famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

See you in the No Spin Zone, tonight at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!

--All topics and guests subject to change.

--The Associated Press contributed to this story.