Topics and Guests for May 18

Feeling the heat at the gas pump? Should United States tap the strategic oil supply to help ease the pain? We'll talk to Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J. (search)

Is the stock market tanking these days because it has already factored in that President Bush will lose the election in November? We debate it ...

President Bush speaks before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (search), reaffirming his plans for the Mideast and in the War on Terror. What's next? We ask Ehud Barak, former Israeli prime minister.

Home buyers listen up! Could low mortgage rates be a thing of the past? And how should you plan for the future? Get expert advice from two of the nation's largest homebuilders: Bruce Karatz, chairman and chief executive officer of KB Home, and Robert Toll, chairman and chief executive officer of Toll Bros.

Retail is always a good indicator of how consumers are feeling: Are they spending or not? We get the answers from Allen Questrom, chief executive officer of J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (search)

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