The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Van Helsing," "New York Minute" and "Supersize Me" hit theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight.

USA Today says "Van Helsing" (search) is a two-star clone of "The Mummy" when it comes to special effects. And almost everyone agrees Kate Beckinsale is going to keep doing the same thing she did in "Underworld" until she gets it right.

And what's not to like about Hugh Jackman? This time he fights things that look like his "X-Men" character Wolverine. And everything else in the belfry. Lots of special effects and pleas from the studio not to reveal the ending. Want to know what happens? They roll the credits.

Next, believe it or not, the critical consensus on "New York Minute" (search) is that it's not all that bad. The New York Times says parents dragged to the Olsen-twins extravaganza will actually have a fairly decent time. That may be thanks to a supporting cast that includes Andy Richter and comic genius Eugene Levy. The plot hardly matters but here it is: twins in New York for a day. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

Finally, the movie McDonald's wishes no one would see: It's the unhappy meal called "Supersize Me." (search) It's opening in limited release this weekend after all kinds of film-festival awards.

A guy eats nothing but McDonald's food for 30 days and gains 30 pounds. He also has a health scare or two. This is news to America? Michael Moore would have made this movie but it probably would have killed him.