The Foxlight: Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry, 'Jerry Springer'

Elton gets behind Jennifer Hudson, the "Friends" finale, Halle Berry's a single woman and "Jerry Springer: The Opera" in today's Foxlight.

Elton John (search) thinks America is racist because it voted Jennifer Hudson (search) off "American Idol?" (search) In fact he called the move "incredibly racist." Two words for that theory, Rocket Man -- Ruben Studdard. He won last year, remember? As for Jennifer Hudson, she didn't deserve the boot as much as "Clonan." That geeky red head has to go. But Jennifer will probably get more press and a faster record deal because of this incident and we'll see how racist the country is when that CD starts flying off the shelves.

So advertisers are paying a record $2 million for 30-second commercials on the "Friends" (search) finale? OK, that'll pay a few of their salaries for about half an episode. But here's the real point -- it feels like there just isn't any real buzz for this ending. And I'm a big fan of the show. Too many reruns of "fan selected" episodes leave us confused.

Great move of the day -- Halle Berry (search) finally divorcing her philandering husband. Who cheats on Halle Berry?

Finally, "Jerry Springer: The Opera?" (search) Yep, and it's coming to New York next year. Don't laugh, it's standing room only in London right now. But it's secret may be it's undoing. The songs, or arias, are all expletive-ridden. As in every other word in one is the "f" word. Will that fly in a more conservative America? Or will it sing the blues?