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I receive many e-mails each night and when viewers begin to ask the same question -- or similar -- I think it’s time for an answer here in the blog. It does not make sense answering the same question individually and, I figure if several viewers write me with the same question, even those who don't write, might have the same question and I should answer it.

I do answer e-mails individually, but in some instances it makes sense to "kill two birds with one stone." Here is an e-mail that lets me kill many birds with one stone:

E-mail No. 1

Greta, I have always wondered how long you have known Dr. Kissinger (search). I am glad you have him on the show a lot. I think he is a brilliant man.

I first met Dr. Kissinger a short time after coming to Fox News in February 2002. I had never met him before then. I had interviewed President Reagan's former Secretary of State George Schultz while at another network, but not Dr. Kissinger.

We first met when I was in the New York bureau. I taped a five or six minute interview with him and afterwards we sat around and talked for about 30 minutes on the set. (Usually I am doing live interviews and I don't have the luxury to spend 30 minutes with a guest. As soon as the guest is finished in a live interview, I have to say good-bye and make room for the next guest.) He is not stiff, or distant, but rather engaging. In fact, he is so easy to get to know that I feel like I have known him forever. He is very friendly.

I learned many things about him during that off-camera conversation, including that he is a big fan of “FOX & Friends.” He volunteered to me, "I love ‘FOX & Friends.’ Have you been on that show?" At the time that remark and question surprised me but now, having gotten to know him better, I know he has a great sense of humor and loves the way the three co-hosts on “FOX & Friends” interact. I have often made the mistake of thinking people with very serious and important jobs don't have a light side to them.

Last year I had lunch with Dr. Kissinger when I was in New York for one of those short trips. We spent about two hours at lunch talking about the Vietnam War, President Nixon, etc. It was fascinating to hear him talk about those times -- I was in college at the end of the war.

The best part about my job is meeting people who have been part of history. You can learn so much and you get a chance to try and "fill in the blanks" -- get information you never had and always wondered about. Plus, it is always fascinating to get the story from the inside. I have also met his wife who is charming. You would like her, too.


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