Where's Hillary?

This is why you should never talk about problems before the show.....

Five minutes before Monday’s show started, my first guest, former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson (search) was seated on the set. We started talking about the "business" and exchanging stories. I mentioned that I thought "live" is easier than "taping." It is easier to pay attention when it is live since you can't re-do it -- the stakes are high with live, but there are not that many mistakes. Senator Thompson said taping is like live since you never know which "take" will be used. Yes, I said, but if you really make a mistake with a taped line, the taped "take" will not be used. We then briefly talked about mistakes you have with "live." Little did I know ...

Our show then started and I was jinxed. I said, "Let's go live to Jeff Goldblatt in Baghdad." Jeff looked straight in the camera for what seemed like eternity. He had no audio and worse, I had no options. I had no place to go. After what seemed like four hours (five?), the audio was fixed and Jeff started his report. Senator Thompson and I then looked at each other. We could say nothing to each other -- our mikes were hot -- but said volumes by just looking at each other after the "audio problem from hell."

A quick note: Tuesday we will be "on the road" -- or at least "sort of." I will be doing the show out of New York instead of Washington, D.C. Since most of the staff works in NYC, it is hard to call the show "on the road." Only I am "on the road." Among our guests is Senator John McCain.

Which brings me to another issue. Many of you have asked me why I don't interview Senator Hillary Clinton (search). I would like to interview her (I did interview her at a previous network and I am sure she enjoyed the interview.) The answer to why I have not interviewed her since I have been at Fox is easy: Her office won't return calls to me. I have tried calling her office, but I have had no luck. I can't get my call returned.

Frankly, it is the only U.S. Senator's office that has declined to return my personal calls. Staff members usually have better manners in my experience. I confess I have not tried in the last few months --  at some point one gets smart and figures out that the exercise is futile. I am a bit perplexed why I can't get Senator Clinton on the show especially when she has done many shows talking about her book and our show is easily winning the ratings contest in the 10 p.m. ET slot. As an aside, no member of the Senate has ever complained about my interviews of them.

I have also been asked many times by viewers to update the Terri Schiavo case. I would very much like to do a few segments on Terri Schiavo since her case raises many very important issues. I am fortunate in that, because I have an hour every night, I can always find time for these very important issues like the ones that Terri's plight raises. Any time her family, or her husband wants to come on the show to talk about Terri, I will gladly have them. Note: I have also asked Governor Jeb Bush to talk about his role in this case, but he is shying away from talking about it. Like the Schiavo family, he has an open invitation.

I can give you an update on the Scott Peterson trial. Below please find the e-mail from the viewer who sits in the courtroom every day sending me information about the jury selection. I find her "reports" interesting -- I hope you like them, too:

E-mail No.1

Peterson Trial Updates
Monday, April 19, 2004

Scott wore a light gray suit with light blue shirt and a royal blue tie. Scott's mother, Jackie Peterson, and Scott's sister-in-law Janey Peterson were also in attendance this morning but left before jury selection commenced.  The Peterson family members joined Geragos for lunch.

Court business:

When court first started this morning the Judge called for a closed session. The parties in the session were: the defense team (Geragos, Harris, sans Jo Ellan Dimitrius), the prosecution team (Distaso and Harris), Peterson, the clerk, the court reporter and the judge. The purpose of the hearing was possibly to discuss the news that broke in the Modesto Bee over the weekend whereby a subpoenaed witness, Homer Maldonado, a painter who lives near the Peterson's, West Covena residence, claims he say Laci Peterson walking her dog the morning of December 24th, and recently came forward to the press and announced that he had been subpoenaed by the prosecution to testify May 17th (according to the Modesto Bee).

Outside the courtroom, Geragos said that the court records were sealed, and that he could not discuss the matter, but hinted that it may have had to do with the article.

Finally, the bumper stickers are going out to those who asked for them. I have received confirmation that some have arrived. Here is an e-mail from a viewer who received one:

E-mail No. 2

On a lighter note, I received 2 bumper stickers today. Thanks! (My husband thinks I've flipped.)

E-mail No. 3

Greta, I put it on IMMEDIATELY. Not only will the population in Louisville see your bumper sticker (I drive all over Louisville and also frequently over to Indiana) but the KY Derby is around the corner and we live in walking distance to the Derby. Our cars sit in front of our house, and all the out of towners who drive by will see your bumper sticker on our cars :)

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