Kerry's Iraq Proposal Is Unrealistic

John Kerry (search) says the United Nations (search) should take over the job of building a civil government in Iraq. The next thing we heard was Secretary-General Kofi Annan (search) saying, "No way, we're not going to Iraq. It's too dangerous for even the U.N."

Then Kerry said our allies should be convinced to come in and join us in the Iraq project, and he actually said... to take the target off the backs of American soldiers.

Well, it's a nice thought. But the invitation to put the target on the backs of allies' soldiers is probably not going to be all that attractive.

Who wants to show their support for Kerry by sending their own soldiers to get shot at so American soldiers don't have to?

Besides... the truth is that the idea that our "friends" can be convinced to help us in Iraq is probably wrong by a long shot.

The Western Europeans and so-called moderate Arab state have been undergoing a dramatic ratcheting up of anti-Americanism the last few years. They say they strongly dislike President Bush. We could even say they hate him... but they also strongly disliked Bill Clinton (search) when he was president.

The fact is that anti-Americanism is a fever which has infected the judgment of our allies. The judgment now — from the European street to the salons of state — is to reject friendship with America.

So Kerry's suggestion sounds good... get our friends to help, as if Iraq was a quilting bee. But it seems highly unrealistic and extremely unlikely.

That's My Word.

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