H.S. Student Pummels Boy 27 Times on Camera

surveillance camera (search) on a school bus caught a high school student punching another boy at least 27 times before the driver stopped the attack, authorities said Friday.

Seventeen-year-old Terry Mahoney is seen pummeling the 14-year-old middle school student until he ended up slumped over in his seat.

The victim, whose name was not immediately released, suffered a concussion and fractured eye socket, his mother said. The older boy is under house arrest on a felonious assault charge (search), authorities said.

The driver, Ernie Hines, said he noticed the fight in his rearview mirror as the bus was parked outside Madison-Plains High School (search) on March 31, and yelled at the boys to stop. He then radioed the principal for help, and got between the boys to break them apart.

The altercation lasted less than a minute; it was unclear why it started.

Sheriff's Lt. Doug Crabbe estimated that the older teen threw 10 more blows that were not recorded because of obstructions to the camera.

The school board will hold a hearing Tuesday to decide on discipline for Mahoney. A message was left Friday for his attorney.

If convicted, Mahoney would face a minimum of one year in juvenile detention. At most, he could be held in custody until he turns 21.

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