Rice on the Record: Your Question for Condi?

Condoleezza Rice (search) defended President Bush from charges that he didn't treat terrorism as an "urgent threat" when he took office and said many administrations didn't do enough to quash the Al Qaeda threat before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Bush's national security adviser said that while there was no "silver bullet" that could have prevented the attacks, what could have helped was more precise information about threats inside the United States.

"So the attacks came," she testified Thursday morning before the panel probing the attacks. "A band of vicious terrorists tried to decapitate our government, destroy our financial system and break the spirit of America."

Rice on the Record: Your Question for Condi?

A sample of your responses:

I would ask Ms. Rice, "Given 20/20 hindsight, what changes would you make in what you did before 9/11, if you could go back in time to those days?"  If she dodges, or says "Nothing", she obviously does not understand the problem now and DID not understand the task before her then.
Paul B.
Bloomington, IL

Condi should extend her sympathy to the victims of 9/11... but no American owes them an apology.  It is the terrorist who owe an apology.
Thelma J.
Henderson, NC

We’ve heard from the Clinton administration that, after 8 years of looking, they had no “actionable” intelligence that allowed them to act on the threat to America. Can you tell us what “actionable” intelligence you had after your first 8 months that could have prevented 9-11? What was uncovered?
Thomas S.

Have the restrictions on intelligence gathering imposed during the Carter administration had any impact on the ability of terrorists to operate within the United States?
Ken F.
Clare, MI

When will it be safe for me to bring my family to vacation in such beautiful countries such as Egypt and Morroco?
Diana L.
Kansas City, MI

Would it not be better to carve Iraq into three countries based upon the three major groups: Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites; and have an autonomous body, called something like the Iraq Oil Union (I.O.U.) manage the oil fields and oil production so that each of these three new countries would get a portion of the oil profits? Then the US and Coalition could concentrate on protecting the oil while the three major groups would be busy building their countries instead of attacking US and Coalition troops.
John H.
Fajardo, PR

As an educated individual do you believe that this Commission will accomplish anything of value or is it just a political witch hunt?
Mark K.
Canon City, CO

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