The Foxlight: 'Project Runway,' Justin Timberlake, Victoria's Secret

More supermodels on TV but fewer lingerie models, and gay guys love Justin Timberlake in today's Foxlight.

Heidi Klum is launching a new show called "Project Runway" (searchthat finds new supermodels, just like Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model."

Foxlight thinks the two shows should meet in a "Fear Factor Face Off" like the Miss America contestants. And while we're on the subject, note to all the networks -- we can't have too many shows about supermodels and the croutons they have for dinner.

Justin Timberlake (searcha gay icon? That's the rumor. Gay magazines love the straight arrow. Call it a gay eye for the straight guy. There's even a report that George Michael called to see if Justin would lip-lock with him at a major awards show like Britney and Madonna. Justin never returned the call.

Finally, nooooooooo! What ruin has Janet Jackson cast down on us? A plague of no more Victoria's Secret (searchfashion shows? Yep. Bowing to political pressure, they've pulled the plug on the televised lingerie love-fest. And if you're thinking there's always the Internet, remember in 1999 when it crashed in the first 20 minutes? My computer still has the scars.