Two German Security Agents Missing in Iraq

Two security agents from the German Embassy in Baghdad (search) have been missing for several days, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Saturday.

But, "there is no evidence of a kidnapping," the spokeswoman said, on customary condition of anonymity.

She would not give further details, but ZDF and ARD television reported that the missing were two Germans, 38- and 25-years-old, who were traveling from Amman, Jordan to Baghdad on a routine trip Wednesday and were ambushed.

The stations reported that other vehicles in the convoy reached the embassy later.

ARD television reported that the two were agents with GSG-9, an elite counterterrorism unit trained for freeing hostages and other commando missions.

Along with violence in central and southern Iraq this week, there has been a rash of kidnappings by militants, including of foreign civilians.