The World Will Not Help the United States in Iraq

Today, John Kerry (search) said that the thing he would do different right now in Iraq is bring the world community in to help the United States.

Kerry's been saying that for months, and I've never been convinced he really believes it. He must know ... anybody at his level must know ... it cannot be done. The world will not help the United States in Iraq.

It wouldn't have a year ago and it won't next year. The world simply does not have an interest in helping United States with anything, especially a war where troops are going to get killed. You will hear a lot about this from me in coming weeks.

I've written a book called "Hating America: The New World Sport" in which I lay out the things the world has been saying about us, behind our backs for the last few years, and how it got so much worse during the run-up to the war and the war itself.

My research shows in Europe and in the Arab world, especially our friends in the so-called Western Alliance, they simply don't trust us anymore. Our former friends are afraid of us, they envy our power, they're jealous and they will spend much more time trying to constrain the United States than anyone ever spent thinking about how to relieve the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein (search).

The book comes out next Tuesday, April 13. And I'll be talking about it in earnest.

John Kerry can say he will get our so-called friends to join us. He can say he can fly to the moon. Neither is possible.

That is My Word.

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