No Accident That Iraq Violence Has Re-Erupted

It's no accident that war has re-erupted in Iraq now.

If it hadn't been now, it would only be a few days or weeks away anyway.

After all, everybody knows the anti-U.S. factions in Iraq were going to try to disrupt the June 30 handover of power to Iraqis, and they will try to continue the trouble making throughout the summer to try to disrupt the U.S. elections.

These are the guys who wanted Howard Dean (search) or Dennis Kucinich (search) to win — the "bring the troops home now" Democrats.

But right now, by creating a fight with the Americans, the terrorists are showing everybody in Iraq that the leftover Baathists (search) and the emerging Sadr brigades will fight anybody — even the U.S. military... the message being that they will gladly take on lesser foes when the time comes.

This is ugly and it's tense, but there has been no doubt it was coming...

The remaining questions are... Who wins? Who comes out on top and on top to stay? And, did the U.S. pick this as the time engage in a battle that was going to come sometime anyway?

Believe it or not, I hope the answer to the last question is yes. I hope the U.S. has decided to remain in the drivers' seat and that if we're going to have to fight the Sadr brigades, that we decided it was going to be now.

That's My Word.

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