Monday, April 5: Vigilant Resolve

On today's edition of "DaySide" with Linda Vester:

Vigilant Resolve: U.S. spokesman Dan Senor said the murder warrant for Mugtada al-Sadr (search) was issued "in the last several months" but had not been served yet.

This news comes as U.S. Marines launched Operation Vigilant Resolve on Monday in Fallujah, the volatile city in which four American civilians were slain in one of the more grisly displays of violence since the war began last year.

We’ll get details from Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy head of military operations in Iraq, and analysis from retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Bob Scales, FNC military analyst.

War on Terror: More suspected terrorists have been arrested in Spain, after the possible mastermind of the Madrid bombings blows himself up over the weekend. Has Spain become a new front in the War on Terror? We'll get a live report.

King of Pop: The judge in the Michael Jackson case gives the pop star's lawyers access to the accuser's personal records. Is this a major advantage for the defense? We’ll ask Carmen Trutanich, former Los Angeles district attorney, and Yale Galanter, criminal defense attorney.

Plus, we’ll salute the Fallujah four with Tom Zovko, brother of contractor Jerry Zovko, who was murdered in Fallujah.

And, we’ll be joined by “Sopranos’” star, Frank Vincent.

Those stories and more on today’s edition of “DaySide with Linda Vester"

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