Audrey Seiler's Bogus Abduction

So what's the Audrey Seiler (search) story? Who knows? All we know is a 20-year-old girl did something slightly moronic, maybe something indicative of mental illness, something hugely embarrassing... and she did it in front of millions of people.

What Audrey really needs at this precise moment is for a huge story to come along and make everyone forget and forget fast.

This is one of those stories where the worst moment in your life is playing out in front of the entire world.

How’d you like to have millions of people arguing with each other about whether you really do tell the truth or whether you really did get abducted or if you really were just out of your mind for a little while?

And then the cops come out and say, “It was all bogus.”

Can you imagine? You’re missing, it’s assumed you’ve been abducted... then you're found alive. It’s huge news... but then the cops come out and say you faked the whole thing?

Why? Whatever the reason, it's not going to be good enough. Audrey is going to have a tough time living this one down.

So — again — the best thing that could happen to her is that a huge news story comes along, and makes everybody forget what happened.

That's My Word.

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