Kerry Makes First Public Appearance Since Surgery

John Kerry (search) waved a palm with his left hand during Sunday church service as the Democratic presidential candidate made his first public appearance since having surgery to on his right shoulder.

Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, did not speak to the congregation at Charles Street AME Church, but the Rev. Gregory Groover recognized him from the pulpit as "the next president of the United States."

"We're thankful that there's going to be a revolution in this country," Groover said. "A new day has occurred, a new movement. And so we praise God for the president. And we say God, bring him on."

Kerry had outpatient surgery last Wednesday to repair torn tendons in his right shoulder and bicep. He met with campaign advisers in his Boston home, but had no public appearances until observing Palm Sunday at Charles Street AME Church.

Although Kerry's doctor had warned that he may have trouble moving his right arm for several days after the surgery, Kerry did not wear a sling Sunday and used his right arm to shake hands, take communion and hold the bible.

He was returning to Washington on Sunday night.